LameXP v4.21.2382 繁體中文版 – 操作簡易的高品質 MP3 轉檔工具

LameXPLameXP 是一款操作簡易的免費 MP3 轉檔工具,可以將 Wave、MP3、 MP2、OGG/Vorbis、FLAC、MP4/AAC、AC3、DTS 等格式轉換成 MP3、OGG、AAC、WAVE、FLAC 等格式,轉檔後的音質相當好,值得推薦。此外,它還支援多執行緒和多核心處理器。

§ 作業系統:Windows 7/8/10/11

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LameXP 原文簡介:

LAME mp3-encoder was designed as an open-source application for many years and now it’s the best mp3-encoder ever!

LAME gives you the best possible quality/compression, provides lots of function and works very fast. The original LAME mp3-encoder is available from the official homepage (, but it’s only available as a console-application. Such console-applications are very flexible, but most users prefer to work with GUI (graphical user interface) applications.

LameXP is a GUI for the LAME mp3-encoder that makes it much more comfortable to use LAME. Using The program is very easy, because the user-interface has been designed as simple as possible and it uses the new WindowsXP style.

Setting the compression details for the conversion process is very easy, and in addition to selecting a preferred output audio format, you will also be able to choose a bitrate and a corresponding quality ratio.

Things are even more advanced when it comes to the actual LAME algorithm, and to that end you will be able to choose a preferred, separate quality for it, as well as corresponding bitrate management.

Simple and direct, LameXP provides reliable audio data conversion, basing its performance on the tried-and-tested LAME MP3 encoder engine, providing a straightforward, efficient experience.