EZ CD Audio Converter Free v11.5.0.1 繁體中文版 – CD 音軌擷取暨音樂格式轉換軟體

EZ CD Audio Converter FreeEZ CD Audio Converter Free (前稱 Easy CD-DA Extractor Free) 是一款相當老牌的 CD 音軌擷取軟體,但除 CD 音軌擷取外,它還可轉換不同的音樂格式。與此同時,它亦可燒錄音樂 CD、MP3 CD/DVD 和資料 CD/DVD 以及編輯音樂檔的中繼資料 (Metadata)。不過,Easy CD-DA Extractor 為共享軟體,若要長久使用必須付費。可喜的是,Easy CD-DA Extractor 也推出了免費版的 Easy CD-DA Extractor Free,並改名為現在這個名稱。

這款軟體可抓取防拷 CD 的音軌、可建立播放清單 (.m3u)、支援 ID3v1 / ID3v2,同時也支援 CCDB 音樂資料庫,當您放入一張音樂光碟後,它會自動連上 freedb 取得音樂 CD 的資訊,如專輯名稱、歌手、曲目、年份等資訊。

它可轉換不同的音樂格式且可將音樂 CD 轉換成 MP3、APE、WAV、FLAC、Apple Lossless (.m4a), Windows Media Audio, WavePack (.wv)、Ogg Vorbis 等格式。

注意:這款軟體安裝後為英文介面,請從程式視窗右上方的選單選取「Options」→「Language」→「繁體中文 (Chinese Traditional)(T)」,程式即以繁體中文介面呈現。

§ 作業系統:Windows 7/8/10/11 (32 & 64 位元)

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EZ CD Audio Converter Free 原文簡介:

The program is a complete audio suite that features CD ripping, audio converting, and disc burning. It is designed to provide best user experience with its excellent user interface and ultimate audio quality. It includes only the audio components and codecs that provide the best audio quality.

The software is designed to take advantage of the performance of the modern computers. It is optimized to utilize the power of the multi-core and multimedia features of the processors. It can run up to 8 parallel conversions and it is optimized to take advantage of multimedia features of processors, whenever there is a performance benefit.

You can use Audio CD Ripper to rip CDs to different audio formats. CD ripping is powered by AccurateCDDA that provides accurate, error detective, and high-performance CD ripping.

Audio CD Ripper can read disc information from CD-Text and retrieve it from FreeDB and MusicBrainz metadata servers. Cover art can be automatically downloaded from the Amazon store. The metadata from different sources is combined and written to the output file. The compatible media player will show this information when playing the file.

Audio CD Ripper also contains a DSP panel that allows you to normalize audio from different CDs to the same volume level. You can also apply fade in/out or delete leading and trailing silence of a song.

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