Spyware Terminator v3.0.1.107 – 免費的電腦防護程式

Spyware TerminatorSpyware Terminator 是一款完全免費的電腦防護程式,可以有效地清除電腦中的木馬程式、間諜軟體。它能對電腦進行即時的常駐防護,並為電腦先行寫入某些惡意網頁所會更改的資料,等於替電腦先施打一劑預防針,讓您的電腦免於這類型攻擊的傷害,有效遏止間諜軟體、廣告軟體、特洛伊木馬、鍵盤側錄 (keyloggers)、首頁綁架和其它惡意程式的威脅。

注意:此軟體安裝伊始會顯示安裝「繁體中文」,請改為 English,因為它只有簡體中文並無繁體中文。您可在安裝後從程式視窗右邊的 Settings → Language Selection,將英文改為 (簡體) 中文。

§ 作業系統:Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/10

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Spyware Terminator 原文簡介:

The program is a FREE, easy-to-use and effective spyware remover providing real-time protection against spyware, adware, keyloggers, trojan horses, browser hijackers and other malware threats.

The software protects your computer through powerful real-time protection shield, advanced system scanning and keeping found spyware in the safe quarantine.


Free 100% Real-Time Protection
Free 100% Real-Time Protection is included in Spyware Terminator basic version – an essential function most other applications charge you extra for. Effectively remove spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, home page hijackers and other malware threats.

Safe Quarantine
Suspect files found during the scan are moved into Quarantine. The program prevents them from functioning and causing further damage to your computer. You can review and choose to permanently remove suspect files or safely store essential files.