ZoneAlarm Free Firewall v15.8.213.19411 – 功能強大且免費的個人防火牆軟體

ZoneAlarm Free FirewallZoneAlarm Free Firewall 是一款免費的個人防火牆軟體,功能強大,提供防火牆、應用程式控制、防毒監控、電子郵件保護及身份保護等方面的安全防護,讓駭客和資料盜取者無法接近您的電腦。它主要是在防止來自網際網路的威脅,如蠕蟲、特洛伊木馬程式和間諜軟體,使得個人的電腦安全及寶貴資料的隱密獲得基本的保護。

當遭遇威脅時,ZoneAlarm 會立即且完全地封鎖網路,然後以「隱形模式」(Stealth Mode) 來運作,使您的電腦在網路上隱形 – 當別人看不到您時,您就不會遭到攻擊了。此外,它還提供直覺的色碼來即時評定安全風險。

§ 作業系統:Windows 7/8/10/11

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ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 原文簡介:

Millions of people around the world use ZoneAlarm Free Firewall. The free software blocks hackers and prevents viruses & spyware from stealing your personal data and sending it out to the Internet. Also, works great with any antivirus software.

It offers solutions to fit all of your security needs, including:

  • Two-Way Firewall: Makes your PC invisible to hackers and stops spyware from sending your data out to the Internet.
  • Privacy & Security Toolbar: Provides site check, do not track, Facebook privacy scan, private browsing and more.
  • Advanced Download Protection: Analyzes downloads and warns you if a download is malicious-stopping it from infecting your PC.