Office.Files.Images v2.11 繁體中文版 – 可從 Office 檔案取出圖片的免費軟體

Office.Files.ImagesOffice.Files.Images 是一款可從 Office 檔案取出圖片的免費軟體,免安裝,支援 Microsoft Office 和 Open Office 所有新的檔案格式,包括 docx、xlsx、pptx、ods、ott 等等。這款提供繁體中文等多國語言介面的免費軟體,簡單易用,只要將內有圖片的 Office 文件拖放到程式視窗,程式就會找出並快速顯示文件中的所有圖片,在預覽或縮圖視窗中支援大多數圖檔格式。您可以將圖片匯出,方便再利用或日後使用。

Microsoft Office 可說是我們最常用的軟體之一,尤其在工作或個人文書處理上甚至沒有「之一」。日積月累,許多人可能累積了大量的 Office 檔案,其中有些文件使用了圖片。然而,時間一久,您可能也記不得哪些文件使用了哪些圖片。當您想再度使用或檢視某些圖片時,可能要花費很大的工夫才能找到那些圖片,也可能再也找不到了!這款軟體正好可以解決此問題,讓您快速找到、進而取出 Office 文件中的圖片。

§ 作業系統:Windows 7/8/10/11 (32 & 64 位元)

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Office.Files.Images 原文簡介:

The program is a portable tool that will help in locating, then extracting images contained in Office documents.

Over time, you can accumulate many Microsoft Office/Open Office files for work or personal projects. Some of these files have images included with them. Maybe you remember that perfect image and want to use it again, but to search manually would be a major undertaking. This is where this tiny utility comes into play. Drop your files in and the program will locate any images and display them.

Well, you won’t have to do without such a function in the future, regardless of whether it is docx, xlsx, pptx, ods, ott, … so all new MS Office and Open Office, … file formats! It provides a quick visual overview of all images used so that from there, you can export them for use again!

The key functions:

◆ Supports all new Office documents
◆ Freely selectable file and image filter
◆ Optionally add to MS Explorer
◆ Very fast to display and read in
◆ Drag & Drop Support
◆ Supports most image formats in the preview / thumbnail view
◆ … And much more

Other features / specifications:
◆ Low CPU usage
◆ Optional translation function
◆ Portable
◆ Multilingual