OpenCloseDriveEject v1.71 繁體中文版 – 快速打開、關閉光碟機及安全卸除 USB 的工具

OpenCloseDriveEjectOpenCloseDriveEject 是一款輕巧且有效的工具,可讓您快速地打開、關閉 DVD、CD 和藍光光碟機以及安全地退出 USB 隨身碟和外接式 SSD、SD 等磁碟。與其他只有部分功能的程式不同的是,這款免費軟體擁有安全卸除 USB 裝置及有效打開各種光碟機所需的所有功能。這一介面直覺且實用的工具程式可讓您取代 Windows 所提供的一般退出功能。


  • 打開和關閉 DVD、CD 和藍光光碟機
  • 安全地退出 USB 隨身碟和外接式 SSD、SD 等磁碟
  • 可用作被動程式
  • 瀏覽磁碟機代號
  • 直接打開磁碟機 (檔案總管)
  • 經由通知區域打開和關閉光碟機及退出 USB 裝置
  • 快速存取重要的磁碟功能和系統功能

§ 作業系統:Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

§ 軟體螢幕截圖 (Screenshot)

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OpenCloseDriveEject 原文簡介:

The program is a small freeware app that allows you to safely open, close a DVD, CD, Blue-Ray Drive as well as eject USB and External SSD, and SD.

Unlike other programs that only include partial function, the software has everything needed for removing drives safely and opening DVD, Blue-Ray drives will be an efficient process. This is a straightforward utility but also a useful replacement for the standard Windows ejection.


DVD, CD, Blue-Ray open and close
Can be used as a passive program
Explore Volume, based on Drive
Optional hotkeys for the To-Tray menu and program
Direct opening of the drives (Explorer)
Open Close Drive and Eject via Notification Area
Safely remove USB, SD, … drives
Zoom: Visually impaired and eye-friendly
Notification Menu Customization
Quick access to essential drive and system functions