PDF Page Lock v2.0.3 繁體中文版 – 可鎖定或隱藏 PDF 文件某一或某些頁面的軟體

PDF Page LockPDF Page Lock 是一款可選擇性地鎖定或隱藏 PDF 文件某一或某些頁面的軟體,介面清爽直覺、簡單易用,支援拖曳功能。使用者只要按幾下滑鼠並設定加密的密碼,就可將 PDF 文件 (不限頁數) 中某一或某些含有敏感或機密資料的頁面,或者基於某種原因不想公開的頁面上鎖或隱藏起來,只提供其他頁面讓人瀏覽,而不必整份文件加密。

這款免費軟體操作簡單,首先點擊選單下面的開啟PDF圖示或以拖放方式來開啟 PDF 文件。程式視窗左上窗格會顯示文件的頁碼及每頁的狀態 (未鎖定或隱藏的頁面,狀態欄會顯示「正常」)。左下窗格有四個操作按鈕,分別為「鎖定頁面」、「隱藏頁面」、「解鎖」和「全部解除」。右窗格會顯示所選的頁面的內容,好讓使用者預覽並確認要鎖定或隱藏頁面的內容。

點選頁碼 (同時按住 Shift 鍵可連選;同時按住 Ctrl 鍵可跳著選) 後點擊「鎖定頁面」或「隱藏頁面」,該頁面的狀態就會變成「鎖定」或「隱藏」。確認無誤後點擊磁碟片圖示,出現設定密碼的對話框。輸入密碼後按下「保存」按鈕來存檔,這會覆蓋原檔,但程式會將原檔先備份為 .BAK 檔;若按下「另存為」按鈕,則是另存新檔。

存檔後程式會自動開啟系統預設的 PDF 閱讀軟體,讓使用者檢視該份若干頁面已被鎖定或隱藏的文件。被隱藏的頁面會消失不見,這可從消失的頁碼看出來,而被鎖定的頁面仍在,但內容一片空白,頁面中間會出現一個黑色大鎖及「This page has been Locked by PDF Page Lock….」等字樣。

若要解除鎖定或隱藏,則用這款軟體開啟該份文件 (須先輸入密碼),點選要解除鎖定或隱藏的頁面後點擊「解鎖」按鈕 (解除鎖定和解除隱藏係用同一個按鈕) 或者點擊「全部解除」按鈕來解除所有鎖定和隱藏。若僅解除部分鎖定或隱藏,則還要做存檔的動作,若是全部解除,則無須再存檔。

§ 作業系統:Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32 & 64 位元)

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PDF Page Lock 原文簡介:

The software is a handy application that will let you selectively lock or hide pages in a PDF document using an encryption key.

It is highly intuitive because of its well-placed menus, large icons, and minimalist interface. On the left of its interface is a panel that displays the status of all pages in an open document. At the bottom of this panel are four Operations: Lock, Hide, Lock All, and Unlock All. Use these buttons to hide or lock specific pages or an entire document by selecting pages on the left pane and applying the operation you need.

The program has a preview pane that lets users view pages they want to lock or hide. This is very useful for preventing accidental locking or hiding of pages. So how do you configure an encryption password in it? Clicking the Save icon displays a dialog box prompting you to define an encryption key. Type your key in the provided field and hit Save or Save As to overwrite the source document or create a copy of the original.

During our testing, the program applied all operations successfully without limitation on document length. Plus, it automatically opens the system PDF viewer for previewing the results of your edits. Modified pages or documents display a prominent padlock icon and the text about the locked page.