Icon Explorer v5.3.0 – 瀏覽、搜尋、取出及管理圖示檔和圖示庫的工具

Icon ExplorerIcon Explorer 是一款瀏覽、搜尋、取出及管理圖示檔和圖示庫的工具,免安裝。這款免費軟體可讓使用者完全管理圖示庫 (icon libraries, ICL)、獨立的圖示以及含有圖示資源的執行檔。它也支援 32 位元圖示。

這款軟體提供強大的搜尋工具,可搜尋指定的路徑,以及檢視任何含有圖示的檔案並取出圖示。這些圖示可存成 .ico 圖示檔、.bmp 點陣圖或 .png 圖檔。它也能瀏覽和顯示其他許多不同格式的圖檔:*.tif、*.tiff、*.fax、*.bw、*.rgb、*.rgba、*.sgi、*.tga、*.vst、*.icb、*.vda、*.win、*.cel、*.pic、*.pcx、*.pcc、*.scr、*.pcd、*.ppm、*.pgm、*.pbm、*.cut、*.pal、*.gif、*.rla、*.rpf、*.bmp、*.rle、*.dib、*.ico、*.emf、*.wmf、*.psd, *.pdd、*.png、*.jpg、*jpeg。

§ 作業系統:Windows 7/8/10/11

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Icon Explorer 原文簡介:

The application is for browsing, searching, extracting and managing icons files and libraries. This tool allows to completely manage icon libraries (ICL), standalone icons and executables that contain icons as resources. It supports 32-bit icons as well.

It has a powerful searching tool that searches specified path with directory recursion and examines any file if it contains any icon and then extracts it.

Icons can be saved as icons, individual icon images or bitmaps. It is able to browse and display other image files of many formats.