Greenfish Icon Editor Pro v4.2 繁體中文版 – 功能強大的圖示、游標和動畫編輯軟體

Greenfish Icon Editor ProGreenfish Icon Editor Pro (GFIE Pro) 是一款功能強大的圖示、游標、動畫和圖示程式庫 (Icon Library) 編輯器。由於支援圖層和高階選取功能,這款小巧的軟體雖是免費軟體,但卻是一款設計小像素圖像的專業工具。此外,GFIE 還提供高品質的濾鏡,如斜面 (Bevel)、陰影 (Drop Shadow)、發光 (Glow) 等,並支援動態游標的編輯和圖示程式庫的管理。尤有甚者,它支援包括繁體中文在內的多國語言介面,因此很容易學習和使用。

注意:程式啟動後後為英文介面,請從「Settings」→「Language」選擇「Chinese (Traditional)」,按下「OK」後就變成繁體中文介面了。

§ 作業系統:Windows 7/8/10/11 (64 位元)

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Greenfish Icon Editor Pro 原文簡介:

Greenfish Icon Editor Pro (GFIE Pro) is a powerful open source icon, cursor, animation, icon library and image editor.

  • Layer support with advanced selection handling makes it a really professional and unique freeware tool for designing pixelgraphic images.
  • GFIE offers high-quality filters like Bevel, Drop Shadow and Glow.
  • Supports editing animated cursors and managing icon libraries.
  • Has a portable version – less than 10 MB unzipped, just unpack it to your USB drive and use it anywhere.
  • A clean, customizable, multilanguage user interface makes it really easy to learn and use.