Inverted Image v2.5.2 – 產生圖片水中倒影及波浪效果的免費軟體

Inverted ImageInverted Image 是一款用來產生圖片的水中倒影及波浪效果的免費軟體,非常容易使用。首先開啟 (Open) 要做水中倒影特效的圖片,然後在程式視窗右邊的「Standard」和「Additional」頁籤做參數設定;視窗左邊為進行水中倒影及波浪效果後的圖片預覽,所見即所得。

在「Standard」一般頁籤中,您可以設定倒影出現在原圖的上下左右等位置 (Position)、大小 (Size) 和透明度 (Transparency)。在「Additional」頁籤中,您可以另外設定倒影的顏色 (Color),這裡有三種顏色選擇,分別是彩色 (Colorful)、灰色 (Gray) 和黑白 (Black & White);此外,您還可在此選擇是否加入波浪 (Wave) 效果,並進而設定波浪的波幅 (Amplitude)、波長 (Wave Length) 和波相 (Phase)。最後請按「Save As」將處理後的圖片另存新檔。

§ 作業系統:Windows 7/8/10/11

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Inverted Image 原文簡介:

The program is a freeware Mirror image tool. Full version, absolutely FREE!

This Mirror image tool is a clean and powerful image processing software. It can easily create the inverted reflection in water effect with your photos, as well as the wave effect. Breathtaking results!

The software supports general image file formats. Such as bmp, jpg, gif, png, tiff, tga, psd, etc. It can easily control the inverted reflection’s position, size, transparency, color, all with special effects capabilities.

With this easy yet powerful free Mirror image tool download, you can process your photos handily without any technical knowledge required.