Eusing Free MP3 Cutter v2.6 – 簡易的音樂檔剪輯工具

Eusing Free MP3 CutterEusing Free MP3 Cutter 是一款簡易的音樂檔剪輯工具,可用來裁切 MP3、WAV、WMA 格式的音樂檔。只要按幾下滑鼠,您就可選取一首歌的某個部分並將之存成個別的音樂檔。這款免費軟體工作速度快、介面親合直覺,內建小型音樂播放器,可讓您先聽歌再設定分割歌曲的起始與結束的時間點。它也提供視覺化的滑桿來拉動裁切點。裁切後,音樂檔的 id3 資訊會保留、不會遺失。

另外,這一工具亦支援多區段同時裁切功能,亦即它可以將一首歌中許多不想要的資料片段一次裁剪掉,只保留想要的部份並存成一個音樂檔。再者,這款軟體內建 MP3 合併器與 MP3 混音器,可將兩個音樂檔合併或混音在一起。

§ 作業系統:Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/2012/8/10

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Eusing Free MP3 Cutter 原文簡介:

The program is a simple utility that allows you to cut out pieces of an audio file (MP3, WAV, WMA). In a few clicks, you can select a part of a song and save the selection in a separate audio file. The software works very fast and has a user-friendly interface. There is a small player built in the program and so you set start-time and end-time just when you listening the song. It also provides a slider bar to visually position a cut points where you want to cut. The id3 information won’t be lost after cutting.

You also can cut off many useless data segment just one time. You need to add time points you’d like to split. Then the software will cut them and join the reserved data to one audio file. The software also builds MP3 Joiner and MP3 Mixer in one, you can merge or mix two audio files.

Key Features

Cut mp3 from big mp3 sound file;
Cut wav from big wav sound file;
Cut wma from big wma sound file;
ID3v2 tag keeping;
Preview before cutting;
Cutting position accurate to millisecond;
Support the multiple segments cut;
Builds MP3 Joiner and MP3 Mixer in one;
A simple, user-friendly interface;
100% Spyware FREE, NOT contain any Spyware, Adware or Viruses.

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  1. 超好用.我不會英文都會用. 比起好好好好好好多垃圾MP3剪接好用!!!