Device Cleanup Tool v1.3.1 – 裝置清理工具,一次移除所有不存在的裝置

Device Cleanup ToolDevice Cleanup Tool 是一款免費且免安裝的裝置清理工具,簡單易用。它會列出系統目前所有不存在的裝置,讓使用者選擇其中一個、多個或全部裝置後予以移除。這些不存在裝置通常是因發生 code 45 問題 (即 CM_PROB_PHANTOM) 所致,目前僅存在於登錄檔中。

每當您將一個裝置插入或連接到電腦時,它就會在 Windows 裝置管理員留下一個項目。您可以開啟裝置管理員視窗,從功能選單的「檢視」→ 「顯示隱藏裝置」來查看部分曾經插入或連接到電腦的裝置。您可以直接從裝置管理員移除這些不存在的裝置。然而,當不存在的裝置數量眾多時,可能要花費頗長的時間才能全部移除。這款軟體可讓您一次選取多個裝置、甚至全部裝置,然後安全地予以移除。

程式所列的不存在裝置 (Non-present devices) 清單會顯示「Device Name」(裝置名稱)、「Class」(類別) 和「Last used」(上次使用時間),後者係取自各該不存在裝置儲存在登錄檔機碼 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetEnum 的寫入時間。程式不會列出非隨插即用的不存在裝置,因為它們不會自動重新安裝。


§ 作業系統:Windows 7/8/10/11 (32 & 64 位元)

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Device Cleanup Tool 原文簡介:

The program is a portable tool that lists all non-present devices and then allows for easy removal.

Every time you attach a device to your machine, it leaves an entry within Windows device management. You do have the option to remove them directly through the Windows device manager, but this can take some time if you have numerous entries. The program allows you to select multiple devices or even all of them at once.

The tool allows you to delete multiple entries at once, thus making it much easier to perform a thorough cleanup.

Any device that is removed from the list will be detected as new when it is attached to your computer again, so reinstalling them should not be too difficult. However, you can also create a System Restore point before removing any items by accessing the File menu.

The appolication can be deployed on your system with very little effort, as you only need to run one of the unarchived executable files to launch the utility. No installation is required, and the software does not store user data in other locations on your hard drive.