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USB RepairUSB Repair 是一款 USB 修復工具,簡單易用,可協助修復 USB 裝置的錯誤或在 USB 磁碟安裝失敗時嘗試解決相關的問題。此外,它也可能是其他若干裝置管理員錯誤代碼的解決方案,這些錯誤代碼包括代碼 19、代碼 31、代碼 32、代碼 37、代碼 39 和代碼 41。當吾人遭遇 USB 裝置的問題時,一般通常會考慮重新安裝 Windows 或使用系統還原點將系統回復到先前某個運作正常的狀態,但有了此一工具,這些作法可能就不需要了!

吾人當然希望本工具能解決我們所遭遇的 USB 裝置問題,但它無法保證每次都有效。因為 USB 裝置的問題千百種,包括實體硬體損壞的問題。本工具主要在嘗試解決 USB 裝置的設定錯誤。

不過,要注意的是,除非遭遇 USB 裝置相關的問題,否則切勿執行本工具程式,以免損壞裝置,而且在執行之前最好先建立系統還原點,以防萬一出錯可以回復到之前的狀態。您可以點擊功能選單的「工具」→「建立 Windows 還原點」來建立系統還原點。

這款 USB 修復工具介面親和直覺,只要按下程式視窗中間的「修復 USB」按鈕即可執行所有動作。您不必編輯登錄檔機碼或進行其他複雜的設定即可修復 USB 裝置的錯誤。按下「修復 USB」按鈕後重新啟動電腦,然後查看問題是否已解決。若還未解決,那麼很可能是硬體出了問題。

注意:請將下載回來的繁體中文語系檔解壓縮並將 zh-TW.ini 檔複製到程式所在資料夾之下的 Language → USBRepair 資料夾中。然後從功能選單 File → Preferences → Language 中選取「正體中文 – Traditional Chinese」,按下「Save」後重新啟動程式,即變成繁體中文介面。

§ 作業系統:Windows 7/8/10/11

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USB Repair 原文簡介:

The program is an easy-to-use application that attempts to fix USB device errors or if an USB drive fails to install. It is also a likely solution to several other Device Manager error codes. These error codes include Code 19, Code 31, Code 32, Code 37, Code 39, and Code 41.

When experiencing USB device issues, you normally consider reinstalling Windows or restoring it to a previously functional version using System Restore. However, this might not be necessary when using this tool. Hopefully, it will solve your USB device issues, but it is not guaranteed to work. There are a thousand things that can go wrong with your USB devices, including physical hardware damage.

Please do not run this tool if you are not experiencing USB device related issues, you could break something. Before running the program, please create a System Restore point first, just in case something goes wrong. You can create a System Restore Point by clicking on the Create a Windows Restore Point menu item under the Tools menu on the main program interface.

The interface is very simple and allows you to perform all actions with just one click. You do not have to edit registry keys or go through other complicated settings in order to fix USB device errors. On the main interface, click on the Repair USB button. Reboot your computer and check to see if your problem is fixed. If not, there could be an issue with the physical hardware.