Print Conductor v9.0.2312 – 批次列印任何數量之文件的軟體

Print ConductorPrint Conductor 是一款可以批次列印任何數量之文件的免費軟體,可讓使用者不必開啟檔案就能一次列印大量的文件,包括 Adobe PDF、Microsoft Word DOC、Microsoft Excel XLS、Autodesk AutoCAD DWG 和 Microsoft PowerPoint PPT。注意:這款軟體已變成須付費的共享軟體 (shareware),但非商業用途免費。

這款軟體介面親和直覺、簡單易用,只要點擊「Add Documents」(加入文件) 或「Add Folder」(加入資料夾) 按鈕來加入要列印的檔案或文件或以拖放方式將檔案拖放到視窗中加入列印清單,接著調整印表機,然後點擊「START」按鈕就可批次列印清單中的所有文件。

Print Conductor 可批次列印 PDF, DOC, WRI, WPS, RTF, TXT, XLS, PPT, PPS, POT, VSD, DWG, DXF, SNP, HTM, HTML 等 16 種文件類型,支援任何安裝在電腦中的印表機,且可讓您快速存取指定印表機的設定。您可選擇一次列印清單中的所有文件、數個文件或個別文件,且提供預覽列印,亦可隨時取消列印。

§ 作業系統:Windows 7/8/10/11

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Print Conductor 原文簡介:

The program prints any number of documents in batch mode. It lets you print large numbers of files, including Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word DOC, Microsoft Excel XLS, Autodesk AutoCAD DWG, Microsoft PowerPoint PPT, etc. Simply specify the files, adjust your printer and press the START button!

The software can batch print 16 document types: PDF, DOC, WRI, WPS, RTF, TXT, XLS, PPT, PPS, POT, VSD, DWG, DXF, SNP, HTM, HTML.

It supports any printer installed on your computer and provides you with instant access to the settings of the specified printer.

The scope of such a tool is to help facilitate batch printing. To that extent, the interface lends itself to an intuitive workflow: select your printer, then begin adding your photos and documents. You can add them individually, drop them in, or just specify the folder where they’re located.

After doing so, you can click the big, green printer icon and the printing will commence thereafter. Before that, however, you may want to take a look at the settings to ensure that everything is alright. The properties of your printer can be immediately changed, right from the interface, but if you want something more thorough, the app’s got you covered on that front as well.

To summarize, if you’re looking to print many documents and want to prioritize efficiency, this application might be a tool worth looking into. It’s easy to utilize, and you can get surprisingly exhaustive when it comes to adjusting your printing jobs.