Photo Stitcher v2.0.0 繁體中文版 – 圖片垂直或水平拼接軟體

Photo StitcherPhoto Stitcher 是一款可將多張圖片以垂直或水平方式拼接與合併的軟體,支援 Windows 和 MacOS 系統。另外,它亦提供 Android 和 iOS 系統的 App,可讓使用者在手機上進行圖片的拼接與合併。除了拼接圖片外,這款免費軟體也可用來製作全景圖,甚至用來合併待辦事項清單截圖、推文清單截圖、長文章或長網頁等的截圖。尤有甚者,這一軟體介面清爽直覺,簡單易用。









這款軟體也可用來比較兩張或多張相似圖片之間的差異。您只要拖放「前圖片」和「後圖片」來進行拼接即可進行比較。之後您可將合併的圖片導出 (匯出) 到電腦中存檔。

§ 作業系統:Windows 7/8/10

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手機 PhotoStitcher App:

§ 軟體名稱:PhotoStitcher
§ 軟體語言:英文
§ 系統支援:Android 4.1 以上;iOS 9.0 以上
§ 軟體下載:PhotoStitcher for Android 下載頁面PhotoStitcher for iOS 下載頁面

Photo Stitcher 原文簡介:

The program could help you to merge multiple photos automatically and make a single long one. The whole process could be done in a few seconds. You can use the program to merge Conversion screenshot / To-Do List / Tweet List / Comment List / Long Article / Long Web Page or anything you want.

Rearrange Photo Order

After drag and drop all your photos, you may need to rearrange the photo in a proper order according to your need. The program will change the order automatically and instantly.

Crop Photos When Stitching

We provide flexible solutions for users to crop each photo in a custom way. You can drag the cropping stitcher and crop the photo from the side, top, or bottom.

Adjust Spacing Size and Add Annotations

We provide a super-easy way for you to add spacing between photos after you have created a row of images horizontally or vertically. Just drag the slider to get the proper size. You can adjust the outer spacing as well as the inner spacing.

What’s more, we provide useful tools for you to edit the merged photos. You can add annotation, watermarks, shapes, arrows and frames. Some editing functions will provide you with further options like the color, font size and the like.

Best Panorama Stitcher Software

The program has panoramic stitching capability built-in and it is capable of making panoramas with only a few clicks. After taking a series of individual, full-resolution and overlapping images, you can use the program to stitch them together and get a wide and dramatic panorama picture.

Please note each photo you have used for stitching should include a 10%-30% overlap with other adjacent pictures.

Create Before-After Picture

The program could be used as before-and-after picture software. It is much simpler and convenient for you to compare two or more similar pictures. Just drag and drop your Before Pictures and After Pictures. Then, the program will stitch and combine them together. Export the before-after picture and save it to your computer.