ZoomIt v8.01 – 免費的多功能螢幕放大鏡

ZoomItZoomIt 是微軟提供的一款免費多功能螢幕放大鏡。對於常需要在電腦上教學或是簡報的人來說,一款能夠讓螢幕大小自由縮放的軟體絕對是必要的,在講解到重點處或是小細節時,適時地將螢幕放大,能夠讓觀眾注意到您所要表達的畫面重點。透過這款免費軟體就可以幫助您達成目的。


§ 作業系統:Windows 7/8/10/11

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ZoomIt 原文簡介:

ZoomIt is a screen zoom and annotation tool for technical presentations that include application demonstrations. The application runs unobtrusively in the tray and activates with customizable hotkeys to zoom in on an area of the screen, move around while zoomed, and draw on the zoomed image.

It was written to fit the author’s specific needs and used in all presentations. You can use pen input for ZoomIt drawing on tablet PCs.

The first time you run the program, it presents a configuration dialog that describes it’s behavior, lets you specify alternate hotkeys for zooming and for entering drawing mode without zooming, and customizes the drawing pen color and size. For example, it can be used with the draw-without-zoom option to annotate the screen at its native resolution. ZoomIt also includes a break timer feature that remains active even when you tab away from the timer window and allows you to return to the timer window by clicking on the ZoomIt tray icon.

The program offers a number of shortcuts that can extend its usage greatly they are as follows:

Begin Zoom In Mode Ctrl+1
Zoom In Up Key
Zoom Out Down Key
Begin Drawing (While zoomed) Left-Click
Begin Drawing (While not zoomed) Ctrl+2
Red Pen Color R
Blue Pen Color B
Yellow Pen Color Y
Green Pen Color G
Show Meeting Timer Ctrl + 3
Live Zoom Mode Ctrl + 4
Zoom In (Live mode) Ctrl + Up
Zoom Out (Live mode) Ctrl + Down