Wallpapers Bot v1.0 – 一鍵存取逾 3 萬張桌布的免費軟體

Wallpapers BotWallpapers Bot 是一款可讓您一鍵存取超過 3 萬張桌布的免費軟體。它自許多地方收集了這些生動、受歡迎且令人驚奇的照片和圖片,將它們集中在這款軟體的桌布資料庫中,而且新的桌布還每天不斷在增加中。

這款軟體簡單易用,您可以利用分類或搜尋關鍵字來瀏覽這些照片和圖片,只要點擊某張照片或圖片,它就會自動被設定為桌面背景 (桌布)。此外,選取喜歡的桌布,然後點擊視窗左下角的愛心圖示還可將其加入「我的最愛」(My Favorites)。

§ 作業系統:Windows 7/8/10 (32 & 64 位元)

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Wallpapers Bot 原文簡介:

If you love wallpapers, then you will appreciate a program that gives you access to free desktop wallpapers to drive away boredom. The program will let you access over 30,000 lively wallpapers in a single click. The software collects popular images from many interesting places to make it easy for users to get a wide variety of wallpapers from a single place. The total number of desktop backgrounds in its database is more than 30,000 and new wallpapers are being added daily.

How it works:

Download and install Wallpapers Bot
Use categories or search keywords to browse the wallpapers
Click on a wallpaper to select it and automatically set it as your desktop background