VideoSolo Video to GIF Converter v1.0.6 – 免費的影片轉 GIF 軟體

VideoSolo Video to GIF ConverterVideoSolo Video to GIF Converter 是一款免費的影片轉 GIF 軟體,介面親和直覺、簡單易用,只要三個步驟即可快速完成高品質 GIF 動畫的製作,最多可同時轉換 8 個影片檔。這款免費軟體支援超過 200 種影片格式,包括 AVI、MPEG、MP4、MKV、WMV、MOV 和 3GP。它亦可將從 YouTube、Vimeo、Facebook、Dailymotion 及其他著名影片分享網站下載回來的影片轉換為 GIF。GIF 動畫可用於網頁、用作頭像、簽名檔等。


  1. 點擊功能選單的「Add file」(添加檔案) 來匯入影片檔,或將影片檔拖放到程式視窗。
  2. 點擊「Clip」(剪下) 及「Edit」(編輯),前者可讓您以拖動滑桿的方式將影片剪成一個或多個片段,而後者則可讓您做裁切 (Crop) 來縮小影片的尺寸、調整影片效果 (Effect) 及加入浮水印 (Watermark)。
  3. 一切就緒後按下視窗右下角的「Convert」(轉換) 按鈕進行轉檔。

Clip 功能旨在讓使用者調整 GIF 的播放時間或長度。您可用拖動滑桿的方式來選取要轉換的影片片段,甚至可從同一影片剪下不同的片段,然後將它們合併來製作單一 GIF 動畫。至於程式內建的編輯器,則可讓使用者進行影片的裁切、調整對比 (contrast)、亮度 (brightness)、色調 (hue) 和飽和度 (saturation) 等影片效果。此外,您可用文字、logo 或圖片來做浮水印以保護 GIF。若使用文字做浮水印,程式還可讓您自訂字型、字體、字體大小、文字顏色及透明度 (transparency)。

程式預設為維持原始影片的品質,但您亦可點擊視窗下方的「Settings」(設定) 按鈕來變更「Frame Rate」(幀率) 及「Resolution」(解析度),自訂輸出品質。若勾選「Merge into one file」,則可將多個影片同時轉換的 GIF 檔合併成單一檔案。

§ 作業系統:Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

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VideoSolo Video to GIF Converter 原文簡介:

The program is totally free software which is capable of converting various formats of video to animated GIF. It supports more than 200+ input formats including AVI, MPEG, MP4, MKV, WMV, MOV, 3GP, etc. This program also enables you make GIF out of the videos downloaded from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion and other popular video sharing websites. With an intuitive interface, you can make a GIF image in high quality from any videos easily and quickly.

With a powerful built-in editor, you can crop the imported videos before converting as well as alter their brightness, contrast, saturation and hue to get a better effect. Watermarks can be set as a text or picture to protect the GIF from unauthorized use. For text watermark, you can customize the text color, front and transparency. For image watermark, you can add any logo or picture as your unique watermark.

The program helps choose any parts of videos which you want to get output. By using the Clip function, you can use the slider to select the specific portion you want to use in a GIF image. Moreover, it also allows you to trim certain segments from a same video, and these new clips can be merged into one GIF.

Usually, this program will keep the original video quality by default. But it also offers many optimized frame size options ranging from 128*96 to 1920*1080 to customize the output quality. Due to fantastic feature, you can convert videos to GIF format without any quality lossless. And, this Free Video to GIF Converter provides other video setting options like Encoder, Resolution, etc. to adjust output profile settings.