USB Image Tool v1.90 – USB 映像檔製作工具

USB Image ToolUSB Image Tool 是一款簡單易用的 USB 映像檔製作工具,可製作隨身碟、記憶卡和 MP3 隨身聽等 USB 裝置的映像檔,並掛載為 USB 磁碟,讓使用者在不同音樂風格的 MP3 隨身聽映像檔之間切換或是單純地備份 USB 的內容。備份的映像檔可以還原到一個或多個 USB。

這款 USB 映像檔製作工具不僅免安裝,而且簡單易用,插入 USB 裝置後只要按下「Backup」(備份) 按鈕即可製作該 USB 的映像檔或壓縮的映像檔。若要還原,則插入空白的 USB 裝置並按下「Restore」(還原) 按鈕,選擇映像檔或壓縮的映像檔後即可開始寫入 USB。

§ 作業系統:Windows 7/8/10/11

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USB Image Tool 原文簡介:

The program can create images of USB memory sticks and MP3 players, that are mounted as USB drives. It allows you switch between images with different music styles on your MP3 Player or to make an exact backup image of your USB Stick.


create image files of USB drives
restore images of USB drives
compressed image file format
show USB device information
manage favorite USB images
command line utility

The program works with any device that implements the USB Mass Storage protocol. This includes flash drives, card readers and a lot of other devices, like digicams, cell phones and mobile music players. It supports the global secure mobile work environment.