Telegram v5.1.7 繁體中文版 – 功能類似 LINE 的即時傳訊軟體

TelegramTelegram 是一款功能相當於 LINE 的即時傳訊軟體,同樣提供文字傳訊、語音通話、群組 (Group) 以及頻道 (Channel) 等功能,支援電腦 (Telegram Desktop) 和手機 (Telegram Messenger) 等所有平台。然而,與 LINE 不同的是,這款軟體完全免費,不僅貼圖以及一堆好東西都是免費提供,而且介面清爽直覺、簡單易用,通訊安全性和速度皆優於 LINE,尤其沒有廣告的干擾,更沒有整合一些垃圾應用程式。

由於 LINE 煩死人的廣告以及死要錢的諸多限制,尤其是在貴死人的 LINE@ 進一步調漲費用後,許多人終於忍不住紛紛琵琶別抱,投入本軟體的懷抱,包括公司、組織、機構以及高官、甚至領導人在內,越來越多人棄用 LINE 而改用本軟體。

值得一提的是,這款軟體的頻道功能類似 LINE@ 的一對多廣播模式,粉絲人數無上限,可讓商家、網紅、部落客經營自己的粉絲,且提供私密與公開頻道,皆可免費使用。至於群組功能,這是大家熟悉的多對多聊天功能,單一群組人數最多可達 20 萬人,且可傳 1.5GB 大小的檔案。

雖然這款軟體亦提供多國語言介面,但並無繁體和簡體中文。所以,安裝這款軟體之後必須中文化。茲將電腦版和手機版 Telegram 的繁體中文化步驟簡要說明如下。在此以電腦版做示範,但手機版的操作方式完全一樣:

1. 首先在程式視窗左上角的「Search (搜尋)」欄位輸入「」2. 點選左邊視窗最下方的「Telegram 中文 ~《中文化連結》~中文 (台灣)」按鈕 3. 點選右邊視窗上面的「正體:」連結。

Telegram Desktop

點選上述連結後,程式會出現「Change language?」(改變語言嗎?) 提示框,按下「CHANGE」後程式就完全繁體中文化了。

Telegram DesktopTelegram Desktop


電腦版 (Telegram Desktop):

§ 作業系統:Windows 7/8/10/11

§ 官方網站下載頁面

§ 檔案下載

手機版 (Telegram Messenger):

§ 軟體名稱:Telegram Messenger
§ 軟體語言:英文,繁體中文
§ 系統支援:Android 最低版本需求;iOS 9.0 以上
§ 軟體下載:Telegram Messenger for Android 下載頁面Telegram Messenger for iOS 下載頁面

Telegram 原文簡介:

The program is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security and speed.

It seamlessly syncs across all of your devices and can be used on desktops, tablets and phones alike. You can send an unlimited amount of messages, photos, videos and files of any type (.doc, .zip, .pdf, etc.). Telegram groups have up to 200,000 people, and you can send broadcasts to extensive contacts at the same time.

The program utilizes a network of worldwide servers to ensure that messages are processed fast by allowing you to connect to the closest one regardless of where you are and makes sure that those messages are heavily encrypted with time-tested algorithms.

Please note that your phone number must be registered on the its platform. You can use a number you had already registered on your Android or iOS device or register a new one via the desktop app. In the second case, you will need to enter your details and create your profile.

You can add friends who are already using the program or invite new ones. You can also search for contacts on the upper left part of the program window. We searched for and added friends using the @ symbol before their usernames, as we did in Twitter.

Clicking contacts’ names allowed us to view their profiles and perform such tasks as editing their display names, downloading their profile photos, sharing them with other friends, disabling notifications or deleting them from the contact’s list.