SideSlide v5.81 – 可為桌面添加眾多功能的免費軟體

SideSlideSideSlide 是一款免費的桌面工具軟體,擁有相當高的自訂性,可以依照使用者不同的需求來制訂它所應該具有的功能。首先,它就如同一個功能強大的快捷列,能夠讓使用者將常用的檔案捷徑或是常瀏覽的網站、資料夾、程式等加入其中,日後當您要瀏覽時,只須輕鬆用滑鼠一點,就能立即到想要造訪的資料夾或網站,或是叫出想要執行的程式。

除了快捷列的功能外,這款軟體還有行事曆提醒器、記事本、網頁內容擷取器、圖片播放器、RSS 等等功能,讓您能夠省下安裝其他軟體的空間,只需要這個軟體就能通通搞定。再者,SideSlide 也提供更換布景主題的功能。

§ 作業系統:Windows 7/8/10/11

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SideSlide 原文簡介:

The program is an advanced, portable, unobtrusive, dockable, skinnable, instantly accessible, highly configurable Desktop Extension on Steroids! Clean desktop clutter and make your computer friendlier and faster than ever before. With unique use of containers and various innovative features, the software lets you get instant access to everything you have and much more. The program respects your system and keeps all of its configuration files in a single folder.

The program is completely free. No adware or spyware. It’s not bundled with any additional software and can be completely removed from your computer without a trace.

One of the most useful functions is its Keyboard Launcher, as it allows you to quickly find and open any of the created items, as well as open the default browser or calculate an expression without needing to open a different app.

In conclusion, the program can not only be personalized to fit your exact requirements, but it also automatically hides and gets out of your way until you need to enjoy its features.

Even if you can still use this application if you have little PC skills, it is the tech-savvy users who can truly understand the versatility and potential of this launcher.