Rockstar Games Launcher v1.0.92.2003 繁體中文版 – 下載、購買和暢玩 Rockstar Games 最新電腦版遊戲的工具

Rockstar Games LauncherRockstar Games Launcher 是一款下載、購買和暢玩 Rockstar Games 最新電腦版遊戲的工具。當然,這款啟動器 (Launcher) 會要求您建立帳戶 (社群俱樂部帳戶,Social Club account) 才能啟動遊戲。儘管此一啟動器在啟動器領域仍然比較新,但目前已提供自動更新和雲端儲存等強大的功能,在未來的改版中肯定會添加更多功能。您也可以使用這一工具購買 Rockstar Games 公司新的 PC 遊戲,如現已推出的「碧血狂殺2」(Red Dead Redemption 2 或 RDR 2) 和預計 2015 年推出的「俠盜獵車手VI」(Grand Theft Auto VI 或 GTA 6)。



  1. Windows 通用 CRT
  2. Chromium Embedded Framework
  3. Rockstar Games 驗證軟體
  4. Steam 用戶端 API
  5. Rockstar Games Social Club Framework
  6. Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 可轉散發套件 (x86/x64)
  7. Epic 客戶端 API

鑑此,如果您是在 Steam 或 Epic 上購買了 RDR 2,那麼安裝 Rockstar Games Launcher 之後,您就可以直接從這一啟動器啟動遊戲,即使您試著從 Steam 或 Epic 上執行 RDR 2,系統也會開啟這一啟動器來執行遊戲。

值得注意的是,若您之前已在電腦安裝了譬如說「俠盜獵車手V」和「江湖本色3」(Max Payne 3),那麼在本啟動器安裝完成後,您將可從本啟動器存取這些遊戲,因為您的所有遊戲資料都會被保存下來。不過,目前這款啟動器還未支援該公司全部的遊戲。所以,除非您擁有 RDR 2 或 GTA 5 等幾款遊戲,否則沒有必要非安裝此啟動器不可,只是安裝此啟動器並建立帳戶後可能有機會免費獲得「俠盜獵車手:聖安地列斯」這款古典遊戲。


§ 作業系統:Windows 7/8/10/11

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Rockstar Games Launcher 原文簡介:

The game tool is a convenient way to download, purchase, and play Rockstar Games’ latest PC games.

The launcher is still newer to the launcher arena but does offer auto-updates and cloud saves for now, with more surely to be added in future iterations. A few related dependencies are required with the launcher, including Windows Universal CRT, Chromium Embedded Framework, Rockstar Games Authentication Framework, Steam Client API, Rockstar Games Social Club Framework, and Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable.

Already have games purchased and stored? No worries, the program will scan your machine, detecting any Rockstar games stored in other launchers so you can add them to the library for more convenient access – all game data will be preserved.

No matter what you’re expecting, you won’t be impressed by what the program brings to the table. You can download and launch your games, buy new titles, manage cloud saves, and that’s about it. Social features are already managed by Rockstar Social Club, which is installed alongside the launcher. However, it doesn’t support many of the company’s own games at the moment, so you’ll probably end up installing it only to be able to run RDR 2 or GTA 5, even if you didn’t buy them from Rockstar’s store.

It’s worth noting that if you’ve bought, for instance, RDR 2 on Steam or Epic, you can launch them directly from this Rockstar’s application. But here’s the kicker: if you try to run the game from Steam or Epic, they simply open the launcher and use this client to run the game anyway.