ProcessKO v6.33 繁體中文版 – 快速關閉執行中或當掉之程式的工具軟體

ProcessKOProcessKO 是一款設計來快速關閉執行中或當掉之程式的小工具軟體,簡單易用。執行中的程式不知什麼原因忽然當掉,但怎麼關都關不掉的情況,是吾人電腦生活中時而會遭遇到的事。若發生這種情況,我們通常會按 Ctrl + Alt + Del 叫出工作管理員,從應用程式清單中選取已停止運作的程式,然後按「結束工作」鈕將該當掉的程式關閉。

然而,有了這款軟體之後,使用者將可節省許多手按的動作及時間,因為這款免安裝的免費軟體可讓您快速關閉執行中或當掉的程式,甚至在關閉該程式後還可直接從其中重新啟動該程式 (從加到 Favorites 的程式清單中快速啟動)。

程式首次執行時請先勾選「I am an expert and I know what I am doing!」(我是專家,我知道自己在幹什麼!)。打開程式後,它會收集電腦當時正在執行的程式,使用者可以隨時從 Instant K.O. 功能表的程式清單中選取程式將其立即關閉,或從 KO Timer 選取程式並設定幾秒鐘後關閉該程式。

使用者亦可按下程式視窗最左邊的向下箭頭來設定快速鍵 (Kill Hotkey) Ctrl + Alt + F4 以便快速關閉前景視窗。此外,使用者亦可選取「Start ProcessKO with Windows」,讓它隨 Windows 啟動。

注意:程式啟動後為英文介面,請點擊視窗右上角的國旗圖示,從下拉式選單中選取「Chinese Traditional」,即變成繁體中文介面。

§ 作業系統:Windows 7/8/10/11

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ProcessKO 原文簡介:

The program is for professionals and experienced users, with very good PC know-how (knowledge)!

It is a small useful tool to quickly kill a running or hanging process / program. It is not uncommon among developers or program-testers that the programs do not function properly or that you can not even close the programs (using the Task Manager) usually its always the same candidates.

Creating “Dearest-KO´s” for fast killing processes or programs!

It’s possible to set schedule an app to terminate at a specific time when you’re away from the computer for example, provided that you enter expert mode. You can make the main frame stay on top of other windows, minimize it to the system tray area, and activate a power option, like shutdown, log off, or restart.

The application offers multilingual support, has a good response time and worked well during our testing, without hanging, crashing or prompting error notifications. We haven’t encountered any unpleasant surprises. To sum it up, the program may not be feature-rich, but it supplies you with a simple solution to killing processes that normally need administrative rights, as well as for scheduling their termination.