PrintMyFonts v24.01.17 簡體中文版 – 免費的字型列印工具

PrintMyFontsPrintMyFonts 是一款免費的字型列印工具,免安裝且支援萬國碼 (Unicode)。它可讓您列印系統所安裝的所有字型以及資料夾或磁碟中的任意字型,且可將字型清單匯出為 BMP、JPG 或 PNG 圖檔、DOCX Word 文件檔、RTF 文件檔或 HTML 網頁檔。若對列印結果不滿意,可點擊功能選單的「Settings」(設置),叫出設定視窗來進行各種設定,包括字型大小、紙張邊界等等。

這款軟體簡單易用,程式視窗分為左右兩個窗格,左窗格預設會顯示系統所安裝的所有字型。若要顯示或列印資料夾或磁碟中的字型,則要勾選右窗格上方的「Fonts from Fonts Files」(來自字體文件的字體),再點擊「Manage Font Files」(管理字體文件) 來選取字型檔或字型存放的資料夾。

由於系統所安裝的字型,數量都有好幾百個之多,如果要全部列印,不僅不符經濟效益,實際上也沒有這樣的必要。因此您可先選取想要列印的字型,並在左窗格任意位置按右鍵,然後根據實際狀況點擊右鍵選單中的「Remove Selected」(刪除選取的項目) 或「Remove not-selected」(刪除未選取的項目),這樣左窗格就會只保留要列印的字型,最後再按下視窗右下角的「Print」(打印) 按鈕即可開始列印字型。

注意:程式啟動後為英文介面,若要使用簡體中文,可從 Settings → Language Settings 點選「簡化中國」,然後按下「Save Language」按鈕,即變成簡體中文介面。

§ 作業系統:Windows 7/8/10/11

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PrintMyFonts 原文簡介:

With time, unbelievable numbers of fonts are collected on your computer and you are just looking for exactly the right one for your next invitation card in the gigantic assortment! To get an overview over all of these fonts, you can try this program. With this tool, it is possible to list all of your installed fonts as well as arbitrary fonts from your hard drive or disk.

The font list can be displayed on your screen, or you can save the list as HTML, Microsoft Word document (DOCX), or image file in the formats BMP, JPG, or PNG.

Of course, it is entirely in your hand what fonts are printed and which sentences or letters are used. For example, you can print all your fonts, or only a few for your next document is chosen with the preview. Then you have possibilities for direct comparison without noticeable additional expenses.

In addition, you can use any Unicode character in your output that you want to view in the fonts. Thus, the program can also be used for checking whether some characters are available in a font or not and to show how these characters look like. This is important because not every font contains all possible Unicode characters.