Print.Test.Page.OK v2.91 繁體中文版 – 可檢測印表機和墨水匣效能的測試頁列印工具

Print.Test.Page.OKPrint.Test.Page.OK 是一款測試頁列印工具,可讓您檢測印表機和墨水匣的效能。這一工具提供兩個測試頁並可自訂色彩漸層,可讓您隨時測試印表機的顏色,無論彩色雷射印表機或是噴墨印表機皆適用。誠然,彩色印表機最重要的當然是顏色,透過測試頁的列印可對色彩進行正確的測試和評估,俾快速找到任何偏差,測出有問題的碳粉匣或墨水匣或印表機,對於剛買不久的新品或仍在保固期限內的舊品,即可將其寄回或聯絡原廠做必要的處理或更換。


最後要提的是,這款免費軟體提供包括繁體中文在內的多國語言介面,程式小、免安裝而且系統資源耗用低,並提供 Windows 調色盤作為列印測試。對於印表機和墨水匣效能的檢測,這是一款相當實用且很有幫助的軟體。

§ 作業系統:Windows 7/8/10/11

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Print.Test.Page.OK 原文簡介:

The program is an alternative portable test page printout for all Windows operating systems and can be very helpful!

The small alternative test page printing tool is really very small and can lead you to your goal without great IT expertise or expertise in relation to printing technology and that’s just a test page printout. Correct printing is very important, especially for new printers. With faulty printers you should not wait so long until the existing guarantee expires, which is not only very important for expensive printers!

A simple example of using the alternative test page printout

Start the program. The first time you will be presented with the standard test page. Currently I have prepared two test pages, but I will expand it if requested by the user. The most important thing with color printers is, of course, the color, which can also be properly tested and assessed to quickly identify any deviations, to detect defective toner cartridges or ink / printer cartridges and to send them back with an existing warranty!

You can also print high-resolution images, but clear colors and gradient tests are much better to detect any errors in the print. Sometimes there are also simple dust particles that can be quickly remedied on a laser printer or inkjet printer.

Key functions:
◆ Test page printout
◆ Windows color palette as a print test
◆ Customizable gradient test
◆ Indirectly improves print quality

Other options and specifications
◆ Very small program
◆ Low CPU usage
◆ Optional translation function
◆ Portable
◆ Multilanguage