PhotoResizerOK v2.91 繁體中文版 – 簡易的圖片減肥工具

PhotoResizerOKPhotoResizerOK 是一款簡易的圖片減肥工具,可讓壓縮圖片、縮小圖片尺寸或兩者同時進行來縮減圖檔大小,俾釋放硬碟空間或方便網路傳輸。這款免費軟體支援拖放功能,只要把要壓縮或縮小尺寸的圖檔拖曳到程式視窗或桌面上的程式圖示,然後按下「轉換」按鈕即可。程式的壓縮速度非常快 (> 1 GB/分鐘),壓縮之前可以選擇或自訂壓縮比例或縮圖百分比 (亦可選擇不調整圖片尺寸)。

這款簡易的圖片減肥工具雖然壓縮速度快且支援批次壓縮,但功能還好,比較適合初學者或一般使用者。目前 bug 還不少,譬如說,當您拖曳五個圖檔到程式視窗後才發現只要壓縮其中三個就好,但程式並不允許直接從圖檔清單中移除那兩個不要的圖檔,必須按「重新設定」按鈕清除全部圖檔後再重新拖曳需要壓縮的圖檔。

還有一個地方頗令人困惑,那就是在「轉換」(Resize) 按鈕的右手邊還有一個同名只多了一個加號 ( + ) 的按鈕,即「轉換 +」(Resize +)。這個按鈕與圖片壓縮或縮小尺寸完全無關,它的下拉式功能選單是結束程式、電腦關機等等,但平常卻沒有作用,必須拖曳或載入圖片後才有作用。不過,沒關係,這軟體甫推出不久,在後續的版本中應該會逐步改善。

程式還可轉換圖檔格式,但只能轉為一般常見的 .jpg、.png 和 .bmp。若要轉換圖檔格式,請在壓縮之前從「選項」頁簽下選取「另存為 *.jpg、*.png 或 *.bmp」。但圖檔格式的轉換可能使轉換後的圖檔大小比轉換前來得大。另外,它也支援 RAW 圖片的壓縮。再者,程式還可複製圖片中繼資料 (EXIF、評等 …)。


§ 作業系統:Windows 7/8/10/11

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PhotoResizerOK 原文簡介:

A tool that allows you to quickly reduce your photos in file size so as not to distribute your originals on social platforms!

Even as a beginner, you can get started right away without having to deal with complex image and photo knowledge! But also good for professional photographers who want to quickly distribute copies of their original RAW image data as reduced JPG images!

There are additional tools that the application comes with, which add to its value. For instance, in case you must process a large number of files, you can configure it to shut down the PC or send it to standby mode once the conversion is complete.

There is a watermark tool available, which enables you to overlay a custom multi-line text on top of the images to protect intellectual property. One feature that makes this application stand from the crowd is related to system integration. You can add it to the system context menu, in the Send-to section for easier and faster access. This way, you can use it to batch resize entire folders of photos without a lot of hassle.

The key features in the image reduction tool:

◆ Converting the images to other file formats
◆ Freely selectable compression
◆ Reduce the size of images
◆ Very fast (> 1 GB / minute)
◆ Optional multiline watermark
◆ Also supports RAW images ( e.g. Canon camera)
◆ Copies image information (EXIF, rating, ..)

Other features / specifications:
◆ Low CPU usage
◆ Optional translation function
◆ Portable
◆ Multilingual