Permadelete v0.6.2 – 免費的檔案碎紙機,刪除的檔案永遠無法復原

PermadeletePermadelete 是一款開放原始碼的檔案碎紙機,刪除的檔案或資料夾永遠無法復原。這款免費軟體簡單易用、介面親和,只要將要刪除的檔案或資料夾拖放到程式視窗有個大回收筒圖示的空白區域,程式就會詢問是否刪除該檔案或資料夾,並顯示覆寫次數 (Number of passes) 供使用者選擇,讓使用者即使不是專業技術人員也能快速將該檔案或資料夾所有相關的資料痕跡從系統移除,換言之,它們再也無法復原。

使用者亦可從程式功能選單的「SHRED FILES」或「SHRED FOLDERS」選取要刪除的檔案或資料夾。這一軟體可用來刪除幾乎任何大小和類型的文件、圖片、影片或其他檔案。雖然程式提供的覆寫次數有 1、3、5、7、10 次,但建議使用預設的 1 次,因為根據實測,1 次就足以移除所有資料痕跡,這對免費和自由軟體來說是一項令人印象深刻的功能。這樣不僅節省時間,而且可避免損壞系統或磁碟。如果您需要一款可靠且快速的檔案碎紙機,這款軟體是一項聰明的選擇。

§ 作業系統:Windows 7/8/10/11 (32 & 64 位元)

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Permadelete 原文簡介:

The program overwrites the data in any given file so it can’t be recovered, getting rid of it for good. Drag and drop files into the main window of the file shredder to delete them permanently, without any hassle or damage to your disk. Alternatively, drag and drop files over its app icon to get the job done — versatility is just one of the things that makes using this program a pleasure.

After confirming that you want to shred a file, the program will overwrite its data in one pass. This process is important because you’ll not only save time, you’ll avoid the risk of damaging your system as well. Try to access the deleted file, and you’ll find that it can’t be recovered. This file shredder can be used to erase any file of virtually any size and type, from documents to photos and videos.

The best aspects of using the program are its simplicity and user friendliness. Not only is it easy to use, the program is quite efficient. It’s able to delete files permanently with one overwrite, which is definitely impressive for a free program and helps guard against disk damage. If you need a reliable and speedy file shredder, the software is a smart choice.