Money Manager Ex v1.8.0 繁體中文版 – 個人財務管理軟體

Money Manager ExMoney Manager Ex 是一款個人財務管理軟體,旨在協助個人管理財物及追蹤金錢流向。它也是一款可檢視個人身家的工具,支援支票、儲蓄和信用卡帳戶以及定存和投資組合帳戶。它採用 Outlook 式的介面,可讓您綜覽所有帳戶和總餘額以及自訂類別來管理個人的收支等。這款個人理財工具跨平台,可在 Windows、Mac OS X 和 Linux 系統中執行,而且提供包括繁體中文在內的多國語言介面。此外,它採用 SQLite 資料庫來提供強大且彈性的資料儲存功能。


  • 介面親和直覺、簡潔清爽;
  • 支援 AES 加密;
  • 管理支票、儲蓄和信用卡帳戶以及定存和股票投資帳戶;
  • 預算規劃;
  • 一鍵顯示財務報表;
  • 管理和追蹤固定資產;
  • 現金流量預測;
  • 提供圖表、圓形圖等;
  • 免安裝版可從 USB 執行;
  • 支援多國語言 (目前支援 24 種語言);
  • 匯入任何 CSV、QIF [ Microsoft Money ] 格式的資料;
  • 列印、匯出為 HTML 或 CSV 檔。

§ 作業系統:Windows 7/8/10/11

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Money Manager Ex 原文簡介:

The program is a personal finance software. It primarily helps organize one´s finances and keeps track of where, when and how the money goes. It is also a tool to get a bird´s eye view of your financial worth. The program supports checking accounts, savings and credit card accounts, as well as Fixed Deposit and Portfolio accounts. The Outlook-style interface provides an overview for all your accounts and total balance. You can transfer money between accounts, create custom categories to organize your income/expenses and more.

The program is a complete rewrite of the original .NET Money Manager. It is Cross Platform and can be ported to run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It has a very powerful and flexible open data storage using SQLite databases.