Microsoft Safety Scanner v1.413.86.0 繁體中文版 – 微軟安全掃描工具

Microsoft Safety ScannerMicrosoft Safety Scanner 是微軟一款免費的安全掃描工具,專門設計來尋找和移除 Windows 電腦中的惡意程式碼。只要下載並執行掃描,就能找出惡意程式碼,並嘗試回復其所識別之威脅所造成的變更。這款免費工具簡單易用,首先執行下載回來的檔案 (msert.exe),接著選取您希望執行的掃描類型後開始掃描,然後檢視螢幕上顯示的掃描結果。安全掃描工具會列出所有已識別的惡意程式碼。

微軟安全掃描工具不是用來取代電腦中的防毒軟體和/或其他防惡意程式的軟體。反之,它可與防毒軟體和/或其他防惡意程式的軟體一起工作,讓您的電腦多一層防護。不過,微軟安全掃描工具只能手動執行掃描,而且會在下載後 10 天過期。建議您在執行掃描前務必先下載最新版本的安全掃描工具。若要移除此工具,請刪除可執行檔 (即 msert.exe)。


§ 作業系統:Windows 7/8/10/11, Windows Server 2008/2012//2016

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Microsoft Safety Scanner 原文簡介:

The program is a scan tool designed to find and remove malware from Windows computers. Simply download it and run a scan to find malware and try to reverse changes made by identified threats.

Safety Scanner only scans when manually triggered and is available for use 10 days after being downloaded. We recommend that you always download the latest version of this tool before each scan.

NOTE: This tool does not replace your antimalware product.

How to run a scan

Download this tool and open it.
Select the type of scan you want to run and start the scan.
Review the scan results displayed on the screen. The tool lists all identified malware.
To remove this tool, delete the executable file (msert.exe by default).


The program is designed to detect and remove specific types of malware, including viruses, worms, and Trojan horses. It uses signature-based detection to identify malicious files and registry entries on a computer and then removes them.

The tool also scans for prevalent malware families, such as Blaster, Sasser, and Mydoom, as well as newer threats that may be circulating on the internet. In addition, it checks for common vulnerabilities in the Windows operating system and provides recommendations on how to fix them.