Keppy’s MIDI Converter v18.2.8 繁體中文版 – MIDI 轉 MP3、OGG 和 WAV 軟體

Keppy's MIDI ConverterKeppy’s MIDI Converter 是一款免費但功能完整的 MIDI 轉 MP3、OGG 和 WAV 軟體,開放原始碼。這款軟體提供安裝和免安裝版供使用者選擇,而且提供繁體中文等多國語言介面。使用者可以拖放方式或從功能選單的「動作」→「加入 MIDI…」來加入要轉換的 MIDI 檔 (.mid)。程式會顯示每個 MIDI 檔的長度、大小等資訊。

使用者除了可從功能選單的「設定」來做一般的設定外,還可點擊視窗右下角的「進階設定」按鈕來設定與檔案轉換有關的項目,如取樣頻率、取消音效等。轉換之前,使用者可點擊功能選單的「動作」→「預覽文件 (實際播放)」或按 Ctrl + P 鍵來試聽;若要停止播放,則點擊「動作」→「中止轉換/預覽」或按 Ctrl + Delete 鍵。

這款軟體需要微軟 Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 以上版本才能運作。若系統沒有 .Net Framework 4.5,安裝程式會自動下載並予以安裝。

§ 作業系統:Windows Vista/7/8/10 (32 & 64 位元)

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Keppy’s MIDI Converter 原文簡介:

The program is freeware, a fully functional MIDI to WAV converter. The installer will download and install .Net 4.5 if you’re missing it and can run in both 32-bit and 64-bit. While this program calls itself a MIDI to WAV converter, it actually can also convert your MIDI to WAV, OGG, and MP3.

You can go to “Action,” “Import.” or drag-and-drop your MIDI files directly into the application. Information on each MIDI is provided including Notes, Length, Size, and more. Settings allow you to make many changes, if you desire, before converting to WAV. Some of these settings are Volume, Voice Limiter, and more. Advanced settings available include Audio Frequency, disable audio effects, force constant bitrate, and more.

Overall, the software is a handy tool if you have MIDI files you need to play or convert into a modern format and the price right.