John’s Background Switcher v5.3.1 繁體中文版 – 定時更換桌布的免費軟體

John's Background SwitcherJohn’s Background Switcher (簡稱 JBS) 是一款可定時 (如每小時或每天) 自動更換電腦桌布的免費軟體。您不但可以設定一次顯示一張圖片或多張圖片或拼貼圖,還可為圖片加上特效。尤有甚者,您可選擇從本機電腦、Google 圖片搜尋、Facebook、Flickr、Instagram、RSS、Vladstudio、500px、Phanfare、Picasa、Pixabay、Dropbox 等多個來源取得這些桌面背景圖片。

由於上述圖片來源大多需要授權或登入帳號,如果自己沒有很多圖片,建議可從 Pixabay 著手。這個圖片分享網站截至目前提供逾 54 萬張高解析度相片、向量圖與藝術插圖,任何人都可免費使用,甚至可用於商業用途。

注意:JBS 安裝伊始,預設為勾選所有它提供的多國語言,但您可只留下 Chinese (Traditional) 而取消勾選其他語言以節省硬碟空間。程式安裝後會常駐在系統工具列,只要在其圖示上按滑鼠右鍵即可叫出功能選單。

§ 作業系統:Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/2012/8/10

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John’s Background Switcher 原文簡介:

JBS periodically changes the background image on your computer (like every hour or every day) to something interesting. You can specify which pictures to choose from:

Individual pictures on your computer.
Folders containing pictures on your computer such as ‘My Pictures’.
Flickr photo sharing – selecting pictures by person, tags, sets or just plain random.
Facebook – your Facebook photos on your desktop!
Instagram – photos from the most awesome photo app out there!
Vladstudio wallpapers – choose from the coolest wallpapers on the net!
500px – the best high quality photography site on the web!
Any Media RSS feed – choose pictures from sites like DeviantArt, Photobucket, LOLCats and Tumblr blogs amongst many others!
Phanfare web albums – keep up to date with your friends and family.
smugmug photo galleries – yours, your friends, anybody’s!
Pixabay – the best place to find royalty free photos on the net. – see the music you listen to on your desktop!
Dropbox – your stuff, anywhere, and now on your desktop too!