IObit Unlocker v1.1.2.1 繁體中文版 – 可解開被其他程式佔用之檔案和資料夾的工具

IObit UnlockerIObit Unlocker 是一款可解開被其他程式佔用之檔案和資料夾的工具。除了對被其他程式佔用之檔案和資料夾進行單純的解鎖外,它還提供「解鎖&刪除」、「解鎖&重新命名」、「解鎖&移動」及「解鎖&複製」等功能。若在正常模式下解鎖失敗,使用者還可勾選「強迫模式」來終止所有相關程序,以確保成功解鎖。這款免費軟體與 UnlockerWise Force Deleter 這兩款軟體的功用相似。



§ 作業系統:Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

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IObit Unlocker 原文簡介:

Your easy and free Solution for files or folders “Cannot Delete” problems on Windows. This program is a FREE, light-weighted and easy-to-use tool, which helps you delete, rename, move and copy the files or folders by dragging and dropping into it or just clicking the add button to select your objective files / folders.

With this program, you won’t be annoyed any more by messages like “Cannot delete file”, “Access is denied”, “undeleted files”, “The file is in use by another program or user”, or “There has been a sharing violation!” It is a powerful tool designed to fix such kinds of problems, by terminating all related processes that prevent you from deleting or accessing files / folders that you need to.

With its multi-functions, including “Unlock & Delete”, “Unlock & Rename”, “Unlock & Move”, and “Unlock & Copy”, the program provides you a safe way to modify the files and folders on your PC to ensure your data safety and disk stability.

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