IObit Uninstaller v13.2.0.3 繁體中文版 – 功能強大的反安裝工具

IObit UninstallerIObit Uninstaller 是一款功能強大的反安裝工具,可協助用戶快速和輕易地反安裝和移除系統中不想要的程式和資料夾。當 Windows 內建的「新增或移除程式」選項失靈時,這款軟體依然如常地執行反安裝工作。


  • 標準和進階反安裝:這款軟體提供標準和進階反安裝功能,前者的作用與 Windows 內建的「新增或移除程式」一樣,而後者可協助用戶掃瞄登錄檔和硬碟來找出某程式移除後可能留下的檔案和記錄。
  • 強迫反安裝:即使某一程式未列在 Windows 內建的「新增或移除程式」項目中,它仍可協助您找出該程式留在系統中的檔案和紀錄並將它們完全移除。
  • 批次反安裝:只要按一個鍵就能輕易地同時對數個程式進行反安裝。
  • 很容易檢視:這款軟體對系統所做的改變。每次執行進階反安裝,它都會自動建立系統還原點以便未來還原之用。

§ 作業系統:Windows 7/8/10/11

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IObit Uninstaller 原文簡介:

The program is a light and FREE uninstall tool that helps you to remove unwanted programs and leftovers completely without any hassle. It detects and categorizes all of the installed programs, and allows bulk uninstallation with just ONE click! The new app voting system helps you identify malicious apps & plug-ins. With “Powerful Scan” and “File Shredder” features, you’ll never be bothered by leftovers or stubborn plug-ins anymore.

The wonderful features in the software are Bundleware, Stubborn Programs Remover, Force Uninstall+, Install Monitor, and Software Health.

As the first uninstall utility that comes up with the idea of bundleware removal, the program has advanced algorithms to detect bundleware when it is just installed, which allows users to uninstall all unwanted bundleware conveniently and timely. Unique Stubborn Program Remover database supports removing 1000+ stubborn programs and ensures all leftovers to be removed thoroughly from the computer just like they’ve never existed.

It also supports rating Windows apps, which helps users make a wiser decision when they want to remove unwanted Windows Apps. What’s more, the optimized Software Updater now supports updating more popular programs, like AnyDesk, Calibre, Discord, LibreOffice, and qBittorrent.

All in all, the program is an all-in-one uninstall utility to uninstall programs, bundleware, browser extensions, and Windows Apps for a clean and safe PC.


  1. Languages: Bulgarian, ChineseSimplified, :star: ChineseTrad :star: , Czech, Danish, English, Finland, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese.

  2. 請問下,我使用後想把這個軟體刪除,反而在新增或移除程式裡找不到它,在program flies裡面UninstallMonitor會出現錯誤提示,用他自己刪除他自己也不行,請問該怎麼處理好? 謝謝。

    • 如果你是使用安裝版,那麼安裝之後在新增或移除程式裡就會找到它。如果還是找不到,那麼用一個比較麻煩的方法:先使用GeekUninstaller (免安裝版) (,執行之後再重新安裝 Iobit Uninstaller 一次。然後去 Geek 介面找到 Iobit Uninstaller,在其上按右鍵,點選「解除安裝」(好像還要再按一次或兩次的「確定」),就可將Iobit Uninstaller 的登錄檔機碼或相關資料夾完全移除乾淨。