Glary Duplicate Cleaner v6.0.1.14 繁體中文版 – 免費的重複檔案清理工具

Glary Duplicate CleanerGlary Duplicate Cleaner 是一款免費的重複檔案清理工具,它會深入掃瞄硬碟的所有檔案類型,無論是圖檔、影片檔、音樂檔案或文書處理檔案,只要它們在系統中出現兩次,這款軟體就能將它們找出來,並在使用者的許可下一鍵或兩鍵就將重複檔案刪除到資源回收筒 (還可還原)。

這款軟體簡單易用,採用專業的快速掃瞄核心,能快速掃瞄硬碟中指定檔案類型的重複檔案。它支援根據檔案類型、內容、大小和建立日期來自訂匹配條件,以過濾重複檔案的搜尋結果,而且也支援「忽略清單」,可讓使用者排除 (Exclude) 一些他們不想刪除的檔案。

§ 作業系統:Windows 7/8/10/11

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Glary Duplicate Cleaner 原文簡介:

Glary Duplicate Cleaner will deeply scan for all types of files and takes only one or two clicks and sends them to the recycle bin with your permission.

Photos, music, Word documents, videos – you name it, if it appears twice on your system then the software will find it.

The program can scan one or more drives on your computer, enabling you to filter the search and define the comparison criteria. As such, you can configure it to take into consideration the type, the name, the creation time or the size of the files. Moreover, the application enables you to add specific locations to an exclusion list that will be skipped at next scan.

Once the analysis is complete, it displays the search results within its main window, automatically grouping files by their type into different categories, namely documents, music, pictures, videos and other. Images can be previewed, but this is not possible for videos or any other type of file.

Main features:

Support custom matching conditions by file type, content, size, and date of creation to find your duplicate search.

Use professional rapid scanning kernel, the program can very quickly scan the duplicate files of the specified type on the disk.

Support ignore list, allowing users to exclude some files those they do not want to be deleted.