Free Screen to Video v2.0 – 免費的電腦螢幕錄影工具

Free Screen to VideoFree Screen to video 是一款免費的電腦螢幕錄影工具,可錄製成 FLV、AVI、SWF (Flash) 或 WMV 影片格式 (含聲音)。這款軟體非常容易使用,可以錄製整個螢幕或螢幕某些區域,或錄製滑鼠的動作及來自麥克風的聲音 (即錄製聲音)。因此,您可以使用這款軟體輕易地為產品使用說明、線上使用說明、訓練課程、教育課程和遠距教學等用途製作影片。此外,這款軟體亦具有螢幕擷取功能。

FLV 和 SWF 這兩種影片格式無須另外安裝編解碼器,它們皆已包含在本軟體中。您可以用自己錄製的 FLV 影片自動產生網頁、將它們發佈在網站上並與全世界分享。

由於這款軟體可讓您完全自訂,因此您可以調整錄影品質的參數來獲得真正適合您的影片;這些參數包括每秒顯示幅數,即畫面更新率 (frame per second, fps)、位元率 (bitrate)、聲音頻率 (audio frequency)、聲道 (channel) 等。


§ 作業系統:Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8

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Free Screen to Video 原文簡介:

Free Screen to video is a freeware designed to record your computer screen activity in video. You can record the whole screen or only some areas of the screen. The video formats in FLV and SWF do not require any additional CODECS installation. Everything is included in the software.

Great Key Features:

  • Very easy to use: you just have to select the format that you want to record to, select a capture mode and click a button
  • Software includes all the recording and editing tools you need
  • Video formats FLV and SWF does not require any additional CODECS installation
  • Intuitive interface and entirely configurable, so you can adjust the parameters of recording quality to tailor
  • your videos (FPS, bitrate, video size, audio frequency, channels, and more)
  • Fast and simple installation
  • 100% safe to use
  • Supports: AVI, FLV, SWF, WMV
  • Windows compatible