Free Fire Screensaver v2.20.055 – 免費的火焰螢幕保護程式

Free Fire ScreensaverFree Fire Screensaver 是一款可讓桌面頓時陷入一片火海的免費螢幕保護程式。逼真的動態火焰及自然的火焰效果甚至可能讓您覺得熱氣逼人、濃煙嗆鼻,但在寒冷的冬夜或許能讓人感到一些溫暖。這款軟體還提供實際火燒的劈啪聲,而且可讓您設定在螢幕保護程式啟動時同時播放自己喜歡的音樂或歌曲。

現在就讓我們放開手上的滑鼠,舒適地坐著來放鬆一下。過了一會兒 (預設為 15 分鐘,但可以更改為 5 分鐘或甚至更短),桌面開始起火燃燒,桌面圖示和開啟的視窗竄起熊熊烈火,整個桌面頓時陷入一片火海。或許不明就裡的同事會大聲叫出:「你的螢幕著火了!」

值得一提的是,當螢幕保護程式啟動時,按下 Enter 鍵可以擷圖,將燃燒的桌面以 .bmp 的圖檔格式存在「我的文件」的同名資料夾中。

※注意:這款免費軟體綑綁您可能不需要的程式 (免費軟體開發者常見的獲利方式),在安裝時會顯示安裝第三方軟體的選項。第三方軟體包括根本用不到的工具列及其他垃圾軟體、它們可能會更改瀏覽器首頁 (首頁綁架)、預設的搜尋引擎及其他相關軟體的設定,因此在安裝過程中一定要看清楚,務必取消勾選安裝第三方軟體的選項。

§ 作業系統:Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8

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Free Fire Screensaver 原文簡介:

Free Fire Screensaver delivers the excitement of a real-life fire experience direct to your computer desktop. Discover beautiful flames to relax by, with the crackling sound of a real fire and the melody of your favorite song. The software sets a relaxing and romantic mood any time of the year, especially during cold winter nights.

Just rest your mouse for a while, sit back and relax. The desktop dims out and starts to glow ardent orange, creating a glorious effect with flames that seem alive. The flames are curling up and dancing on the desktop icons and open windows as if they were wooden logs in the fireplace.

The screensaver offers crackling and popping sounds. This adds greatly to the realism of the fire scene. You can also listen to music when the screensaver is engaged. Select a music track from the music set that comes with the screensaver or choose your own file for playback.