FotoSketcher v3.95 簡體中文版 – 將數位照片變成手繪或彩繪藝術作品的免費軟體

FotoSketcherFotoSketcher 是一款可讓數位照片自動變成素描、油畫等藝術作品的免費軟體。它可在短短的幾秒鐘內將您的人像、房子或美麗的風景照轉變為類似手繪或彩繪的藝術作品。

這款軟體在主功能表的「Edit」(編輯) 下有「Drawing Parameters」(繪畫參數),所提供的「Drawing Style」(繪畫風格) 有如下的特效:

  • pencil sketch effect (鉛筆素描特效)
  • pen and ink sketch effect (筆和鋼筆素描特效)
  • painting effect (彩繪特效)
  • No effect (無特效,只加文字、紋路、及畫框)

其他設定如照片增強對比度、增加亮度及色彩飽和度、尖銳化、 簡化圖片等等。

§ 作業系統:Windows 7/8/10/11

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FotoSketcher 原文簡介:

FotoSketcher is a freeware Windows software that allows you to transform your digital photos in wonderful cartoons, drawings or paintings. It has many features, others are constantly added to new versions. You can use over 20 different styles such as pencil sketches, watercolor, oil paintings and many others. If you need to improve your images use one of his easy tools (example: contrast, simplify image, increase luminosity, saturation of colors). You can also add simple frames and text to existing images.

The program comes with Ask Toolbar when you choose the installer version but you can customize your installation and choose not to install the added toolbar or if you prefer try the portable version.

Unfortunately, the program works with only three image formats, namely JPG, BMP and PNG.

While the number of features is impressive, FotoSketcher remains pretty easy to use, mostly thanks to the fact that the app shows preview screens all the time, allowing you to see your modifications in real time as you apply them.