Folder Colorizer v4.1.2 – 可變更資料夾顏色的免費軟體

Folder ColorizerFolder Colorizer 是一款用來變更資料夾顏色的軟體。眾所周知,一般電腦中的資料夾都是黃色的,但安裝本軟體後即可自訂每個資料夾的顏色,有助於使用者有效地進行檔案的分類。(這一軟體已改為需要付費的共享軟體,日後將不再更新)

程式安裝後,會與右鍵選單整合,只要在想要變更顏色的資料夾上面按一下滑鼠右鍵,按下「Colorize!」,再點選您要的顏色即可。如果想恢復為原來的顏色,則點選「Restore original color」。此外,這款軟體還提供自選顏色的功能,只要在調色盤上面按一按,即可將它儲存起來,方便下次再次選用。

注意:第一次按下「Colorize!」後,程式會要求輸入電子郵件來進行啟用 - 輸入電子郵件後按下「Free Activation」就可以了。

§ 作業系統:Windows 7/8/10/11

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Folder Colorizer 原文簡介:

This handy and lightweight application helps you bring life to your Windows desktop and Explorer by customizing the color of your folder icons. If you feel bored of working with Windows’ traditional yellow color, this tool can help you find a new and entertaining way to work with your desktop.

Besides fun, Folder Colorizer also offers you the possibility of sorting out your folders by color code for easier and faster identification. The program simply installs a new command into Windows’ contextual menus that allows you to select the new color of the folder.