DSpeech v1.74.50 – 功能強大的文字轉語音軟體

DSpeechDSpeech 是一款功能強大的文字轉語音軟體,系統資源耗費低。它與所有語音引擎皆相容 (SAPI 4-5 相容) 且完全整合自動語音辨識 (Automatic Speech Recognition, ASR) 功能,可快速且直接地大聲讀出多種語言的書面文字 (包括中文) 並可根據使用者的語音命令選取要發音的句子。此外,這款免費且免安裝的軟體還可讓使用者將語音輸出儲存為 WAV、MP3、AAC、AC3、WMA、OGG 或 OPUS 等聲音檔。


  • 可讓使用者快速選擇不同的語音,甚至將它們結合在一起或將它們並列來產生不同語音之間的對話。
  • 如上述,這一軟體整合了語音辨識系統,所以透過簡單的腳本語言就可建立與使用者的互動對話。
  • 可讓使用者以獨立的方式設定語音。
  • 在播放時,可讓使用者動態變更語音的特性 (速度、音量和頻率)、暫停、強調特定字詞,或甚至將它們拼出。
  • 可擷取並讀出剪貼簿的內容。
  • 可為電影配音;這項功能使讀出字幕 (標準的 SRT 格式) 與電影的播放同步。目前支援這項功能的播放軟體有 Media Player Classic 及 VideoLAN VLC Player 等。

注意:雖然在程式功能選單的 Options (選項) → Interface language (介面語言) 中有 Chinese (chs) (簡體中文) 和 Chinese (cht) (繁體中文) 供使用者選擇,但選了之後都是亂碼,所以建議使用預設的英文介面。

§ 作業系統:Windows 7/8/10/11 (32 & 64 位元)

§ DSpeech 螢幕截圖 (Screenshot)

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DSpeech 原文簡介:

The software is a TTS (Text To Speech) program with functionality of ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) integrated. It is able to read aloud the written text and choose the sentences to be pronounced based upon the vocal answers of the user. It is specifically designed to quickly and directly provide the functions and improved practical usefulness that are requested by this kind of program. In the meantime, the invasiveness and resource consumption is minimal.

Some notable features of the program are:

  • Allows you to save the output as a .WAV, .MP3, AAC, AC3, WMA, OGG, OPUS, etc.
  • Allows you to quickly select different voices, even combine them, or juxtapose them in order to create dialogues between different voices.
  • The program integrates a vocal recognition system that, through a simple script language, allows you to create interactive dialogues with the user.
  • Allows you to configure the voices in an independent way.
  • Thanks to apposite TAGs, it allows you to dynamically change the features of the voices during the playback (speed, volume and frequency), to insert pauses, emphasize specific words, or even to spell them out.
  • Allows you to capture and reproduce the content of the ClipBoard.
  • The program is compatible with all vocal engines (SAPI 4-5 compliant).
  • AI dialog system. Not really useful, but amusing. It does not work in every language.
  • It’s able to dub movies; this feature synchronizes the reading subtitles (in the standard SRT format) with the playback of a movie. Player supported are Media Player Classic and later, and VideoLAN VLC Player.