Dr.Web CureIT! v11.1.5 [2022.1.23] 繁體中文版 – 免費的掃毒軟體

Dr.Web CureIT!這是知名軟體公司 Dr.Web 所推出的免費掃毒軟體,是一款免安裝即可執行的綠色軟體。我們知道,一般防毒軟體必須常駐系統而且一開機就執行,這樣才能隨時監控是否有病毒入侵。但由於 Dr.Web CureIT! 是免費的免安裝軟體,所以沒有常駐的功能,但其掃毒跟解毒的能力可是一流的,非常適合拿來幫中毒的電腦解毒。如果您的系統最近好像怪怪地,懷疑可能中毒,那麼這款軟體就是您即時的好幫手,正好馬上派上用場,很快就可解除您心中的疑惑。您可以選擇快速掃瞄、完全掃瞄或是自訂掃瞄。

§ 作業系統:Windows 7/8/10/11

§ 軟體螢幕截圖 (Screenshot)

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Dr.Web CureIT! 原文簡介:

The program is an antivirus and anti-spyware scanning tool that is developed on the Dr.Web engine which will help you quickly scan and cure, if necessary, a computer without installation of the Dr.Web Anti-virus. It automatically detects the language of the OS it is installed to and sets the scanner interface accordingly (if the local language is not supported, English is enabled).

How will I find out if my computer has been infected?

1. Download the software.
2. Double-click on the downloaded file.
3. Wait while the utility scans your system. When the scanning is finished, view the scan report.


  1. Good tools. ..^_^..

  2. 感謝大德分享此實用軟體 實是惠我良多 感恩…^^