Dolphin v5.0 / 2407 Beta 繁體中文版 – 任天堂遊戲主機 GameCube 和 Wii 模擬器

DolphinDolphin 是一款開放原始碼的任天堂遊戲主機 GameCube 和 Wii 模擬器,跨平台,支援 Windows、macOS、Linux 和 Android 作業系統。自 2003 年首次發佈以來,這一軟體即成為模擬器領域中的佼佼者,迄今仍一直不斷在發展,並且由全球的開發者社群持續更新和改進。軟體的名稱 Dolphin (海豚) 源於 GameCube 的研發代號。


  1. 高解析度圖像:這款模擬器可讓玩家以比較高的解析度來體驗遊戲,超越原始主機的標準。
  2. 改進的性能:透過使用現代化的硬體和軟體技術,這款模擬器能夠顯著提高遊戲的執行速度和穩定性。
  3. 多種控制選項:支援多種控制器,包括 GameCube 控制器、Wii 遙控器以及現代的遊戲搖桿。
  4. 存檔和回溯功能:玩家可以隨時存檔並回溯,提供更靈活的遊戲體驗。
  5. 社群支援和外掛:豐富的社群支援,各種外掛和自訂選項使得這款模擬器能夠適應不同玩家的需求。


  1. 下載:前往 Dolphin 模擬器的官方網站或在本網站下載最新版本的安裝或免安裝檔案。
  2. 安裝:根據作業系統選擇對應的安裝步驟進行安裝。
  3. 設定:安裝完成後,打開模擬器並進行初步設定,包括設定圖形選項、控制器和遊戲路徑。


Dolphin 模擬器以其卓越的性能和廣泛的相容性著稱。無論是懷舊的 GameCube 經典還是創新的 Wii 遊戲,它都能提供流暢而生動的遊戲體驗。透過不斷的更新和改進,這款模擬器現在成了眾多遊戲愛好者重溫經典之作的不二選擇。



§ 作業系統:Windows 10/11 (64 位元)

§ Dolphin 螢幕截圖 (Screenshot)

§ 官方網站下載頁面

§ 版本記錄 (變更記錄)

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§ 軟體名稱:Dolphin Emulator
§ 軟體語言:繁體中文;英文
§ 系統支援:Android 5.0 以上
§ 軟體下載:Dolphin Emulator for Android 下載頁面

Dolphin 原文簡介:

Dolphin Emulator is an open-source emulator designed specifically for Nintendo GameCube and Wii games. Since its initial release in 2003, this emulator has continually evolved to become a leader in the emulator community. It supports Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms and is regularly updated and improved by a global community of developers.

Key Features

  1. High-Resolution Graphics: The emulator allows players to experience games in higher resolutions than the original consoles, offering superior visual quality.
  2. Improved Performance: By utilizing modern hardware and software technologies, the emulator significantly enhances game speed and stability.
  3. Multiple Control Options: Supports various controllers, including GameCube controllers, Wii remotes, and contemporary gamepads.
  4. Save and Rewind Features: Players can save and rewind games at any point, providing a more flexible gaming experience.
  5. Community Support and Plugins: Extensive community support and various plugins and customization options allow this emulator to cater to different player preferences.

Installation and Setup

  1. Download: Visit the official Dolphin Emulator website to download the latest version of the installation package.
  2. Install: Follow the installation steps according to your operating system.
  3. Configure: After installation, open the emulator and perform initial configuration, including setting up graphics options, controllers, and game paths.

User Experience

The emulator is renowned for its outstanding performance and broad compatibility. Whether revisiting nostalgic GameCube classics or exploring innovative Wii games, you are given a smooth and vibrant gaming experience by this marvelous emulator. Through continuous updates and improvements, the emulator has become the go-to choice for many gaming enthusiasts looking to relive their favorite titles.