BestPractice v1.03.1 繁體中文版 – 免費的練歌和學歌軟體

BestPracticeBestPractice 是一款免費的練歌和學歌軟體,可讓您在不影響拍子 (tempo) 和音準 (pitch) 的情況下放慢或加快 MP3、WAV 等聲音檔或音樂 CD 檔案的播放速度。由於它可讓使用者更清楚地且更精準地聆聽聲音檔的特定部分,因此對學習外語、改編歌曲或學習新歌的人非常有用,它甚至可讓使用者調整音樂的 Key (調性) 來配合自己的嗓音 (嗓子)。

一般而言,歌曲的播放速度被放慢或加快時,聲音會失真,其情況就跟以每分鐘 45 轉的速度來播放每分鐘 33 轉的唱片一樣。但這款開放原始碼的免費軟體會嘗試修正這種情況,讓您在放慢和加快音樂播放速度時仍維持原有的音準,它亦可讓您在不影響拍子的情況下改變音準。

§ 作業系統:Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

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BestPractice 原文簡介:

The program allows users to work on the music or any audio file such as MP3 or CD files without affecting its tempo and pitch. It enables users to listen to specific parts of an audio file better which is perfect for users who are learning a new language, transcribing or learning more about the song.

In addition, it is available in different languages and its ease of use makes it a great tool to have.

The interface is very easy to use. You can choose your CD, or wherever the music is you want to load. From there you can play, pause, reverse and forward much like any multimedia player.