AVG Remover v1.2.0.956 – AVG 移除工具

AVG AntiVirus Free EditionAVG Remover 是 AVG 官方推出的一款移除工具,可用來移除系統所安裝的所有 AVG 軟體及其相關資料,包括登錄檔機碼、安裝檔及使用者設定檔等。萬一在正常情況下解除或修復 AVG 的安裝遭遇失敗,您可嘗試使用這款免安裝的移除工具來解決問題。

警告:移除後,所有 AVG 使用者設定將被刪除,這包括病毒庫資料以及其他與 AVG 軟體的安裝和使用有關的資料。移除過程中可能會要求電腦重新啟動。因此,請確保在執行這款移除工具之前完成您的工作,並儲存所有重要資料。

§ 作業系統:Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32 & 64 位元)

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AVG Remover 原文簡介:

AVG Remover utility removes all parts of AVG installation on your computer, including registry items, installation and user files on your disk, etc. The program is the least option to be used in case the AVG uninstallation / repair installation process has failed repeatedly.

All AVG user settings will be removed after the uninstallation, as well as the Virus Vault content and other item related to AVG installation and use. During the removal procedure you will be asked to restart your computer. Therefore please make sure to finish your work and to save all important data prior to the program launch.